North Dakota Area Heath Education Center (AHEC) Program Office

The North Dakota AHEC Program Office is located within the Center for Rural Health (CRH) at the University of North Dakota (UND) School of Medicine & Health Sciences. The program office exists to provide support, overall direction, and coordination of the statewide AHEC program.

North Dakota AHEC Program Office Staff

Brad GibbensBrad Gibbens, MPA
Principal Investigator – North Dakota AHEC
Phone: (701) 777-2569

Brad Gibbens is the acting director of CRH at UND School of Medicine & Health Sciences and an assistant professor at the School of Medicine & Health Sciences in Grand Forks.

Brad works closely with health policy, government affairs, community development (including assessments, strategic planning, and community engagement), program and grant development, and information dissemination activities. CRH programs that address community development include the State Office of Rural Health, Rural Hospital Flexibility, Small Hospital Improvement Program, Community Transformation Cooperative Agreement, Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota Rural Health Grant Program, small program evaluation, and the Dakota Conference on Rural and Public Health. Brad was also the principal investigator for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Community Transformation and for a W.K. Kellogg-supported rural policy initiative Rural People, Rural Policy. He currently is the lead on four program evaluations and conducting qualitative research on three projects in CRH's Rural Health Reform Policy Research Center.

Bob PawloskiRobert W. Pawloski, EdD
Implementation, Data Management, and Evaluation Specialist – North Dakota AHEC
Phone: (402) 871-5971

Robert "Bob" Pawloski has served as implementation, data management, and evaluation specialist to North Dakota AHEC since 2016.

Bob has over two decades of experience in program evaluation, including leading evaluation efforts on five other Health Resources and Services Administration grants. Currently in his 0.6 FTE role, Bob utilizes his proven skills in Qualtrics, TruServe, Blackboard, and North Dakota University System OneDrive for Business to help manage North Dakota AHEC’s programs. His evaluation approach is a developmental evaluation (DE) approach as per Michael Quinn Patton (Patton, 2011), which is well-suited to programs that strive to improve each year, and thus are continuously in a process of development. Patton advocates that a DE approach is best served when the evaluator is an integral member of the project leadership team as they collaboratively engage in: identifying program points for a variety of data gathering opportunities; selecting/adapting/designing survey and interview questions; and determining evaluation questions that guide shared analysis.

Jan FlatinJan Flatin
Administrative Assistant – North Dakota AHEC
Phone: (701) 777-6084

Jan Flatin is also the administrative assistant to the programs of Behavioral Health Workforce Education and Training and the National Indigenous Elder Justice Initiative at CRH at the UND School of Medicine & Health Sciences in Grand Forks. Jan joined CRH in 2017 but has been on campus since 1997.