Clinical Rotations

AHEC (Rural) Clinical Rotations

  • Grant funding is available for students completing a rotation in rural or underserved areas IN North Dakota

  • Complete the

  • Following your application, it will be confirmed that you do not want to, or do not qualify for Scholars (a certificate program that builds upon Clinical Rotations, with more benefits) by Katelyn Brinkman

  • Funds will be awarded based on availability, not to exceed $250/rotation

  • Two reports will need to be submitted upon completion of the rotation for the funds to be released:
    Impact Report – This report tells us of your experience and is required by Health Resources and Administration Association (HRSA), AHEC's primary funder for this program
    Site Report – This report is also required by HRSA, and asks questions directly related to the site at which you completed your rotation


Eastern North Dakota Regional Center
Katelyn M. Brinkman, Director
(701) 788-4795