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Educator Resources

  • Career Outlook 
    Prepared by the North Dakota Career Resource Network

  • Edheads
    A neat website for students to view virtual surgeries, stem cell procedures, and more interactive educational opportunities.

    FREE information on health careers, enrichment programs and educational funding for minority and low income students.

  • North Dakota Department of Career and Technical Education
    The State Board for Career and Technical Education, as North Dakota's public workforce education and training delivery system, is committed to providing career awareness, work readiness skills, occupational preparation, and retraining of workers throughout the state. Career and technical education will span all educational levels, providing youth with exploration opportunities and the foundation skills needed to enter the world of work while providing adults with skills needed to enter, re-enter, or advance in the workforce.

  • North Dakota University System (NDUS)
    The NDUS is made up of 11 public colleges and universities governed by the State Board of Higher Education. The NDUS is composed of two doctoral-granting institutions, two master's-granting institutions, two universities that offer baccalaureate degrees and five campuses that offer associate and trade/technical degrees.

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